At age eight, I wrote my first poem, about bacon. Then I found images, too . . . the first ones I loved were the paintings in the Belle Vue Café, twelve paintings telling the story of a young couple falling in love during the harvest, a 1950s stations of the cross to drink your chocolate milkshake next to. I have continued to write about sights, smells, and pictures, and have published articles on contemporary art, and a book on colonial Australian painter Isaac Walter Jenner.

During my ten years at the Queensland Art Gallery, I worked first with Australian art, prints and drawings and later with new media art and implementation of technology in the museum. In 1999 I led the team for APT3's online/in situ exhibitions, with a fabulous website and 12 networked iMacs donated by Apple.

At the beginning of 2000 I moved to Taipei to create a "pre-Facebook" for artists. It didn't work out, but I fell in love with the city. Initially I was the copy editor for the Taiwan Economic News, followed by the chance to manage creative teams, first building multilingual websites at Pristine Communications, and then for PaceBlade Technology, a tablet PC company.

Three years later I fell in love with a Frenchman. He asked me to Paris and I arrived at the beginning of 2003. The following year we had a son, and since then I fumbled my way through mothering, step-mothering. Now between writing I work with museums and publishers on the English editions of exhibition catalogues and monographs.

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